Decentralized Miner, Creator, doge fans and Crypto Enthusiast Community

The HIVEBUX model is truly revolutionary for miners, creators, fans of doge and Crypto Enthusiasts to monetize on social platforms.  They can make money directly from HEBX coins. 

Staking DOGE To Earn Reward

Staking to become a leader.

To realize the real value for creators.

Staking to earn up to 148.77% Apy Reward

Don’t miss the adventure. Join an epic journey to HEBX and discover a new universe. 


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A New blockchain

A decentralized blockchain built to enable scalable, user-friendly apps for the world. 

we are the settlers of new worlds in the metaverse.

Hivebux is on a mission to maximize value accrual across various aspects. We're creating a platform at the intersection of capital, expertise.

Meet The Future

Committed to creating a brand new web3.0 E-commerce ecosystem.

Launch of test chain - 3rd quarter of 2022

Official launch - 4th quarter of 2022

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Learning how to mining.


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