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Most frequent questions

You will need to register as an account and start earning. Go to your dashboard get your affiliate link and share with your friends. Everyone click on the link and make a purchase you will get cash back from the purchase even a monthly subscription.

Hivebux is a membership platform that allows creators to get paid from their supporters for accessing created content and product, as well as, selling physical or digital products to the market.  Remote workers can easily earn a stable income by sharing exclusive link.

Everyone. Either you are business or nano influencers. You can use the platform to grow your community no matter you are a writer, designer, influencer, etc.

For supporter: It’s free to use the platform. However, you may be required to subscribe to Creator’s membership in order to access Creator’s Content.

For creators: We don’t take a cut from supporters’ subscription. Creators will pay 20% to affiliates when they start generating income. Creators won’t need to pay anything before getting paid.

The payout will be made at end of each month through our payment processor based on your payout request.

The earnings showed on your vendor dashboard do not reflect all the fees. The fees listed following will be deducted when creators request payout.

  1. Platform fee

There will be 20% of sales go to nano influencers if your user is came from affliliate link.

  1. Payment processor fee

Our payment processor takes processing fee on each transaction happened in your account, such as membership subscription, sales of products, etc. The fees will be deducted from your earnings when creators request payout.

You can email us through