HEBX Network

What is a HiveBux  

HEBX is a new social network that combines a decentralized and shared advertising economy.  It encourages influencers to create better content on Youtube and gives them more ways to earn money from advertising.  Influencers only get a small amount of advertising revenue from YouTube, but we offer YouTube users the opportunity to maximize their revenue.  They also get recurring revenue from ads, tips, subscriptions and membership fees from their fans and advertisers.  All proceeds go to the members of these groups.  When any advertisers pruchase group theme coin form you then you will take 80% of the amount charged and we will charge a 20% transaction fee.  

HEBX is the governing token for a limited number of coins – 100 billion that based on Binance smart chain.  This means there will be 10,000 themes/coins, each with 10 million coins.  In this case, billions of advertisers will be attracted to influencers in these topics or groups.  

While HIVEBUX is still in its early days, the HIVEBUX model is truly revolutionary for creators to profit from the influencer platform.  Creators can make money directly from advertising.  


What are theme/group coins for?  

It makes free advertising a reality!   

Theme/group coins are a new asset class that is tied to the reputation of a theme or group rather than a company or commodity.  When advertisers find influencers to promote their ads, they will receive group theme coins.  They will receive group theme coins while completing the advertising task. In other words, advertisers will get those theme coins that are equivalent to the value of promotion of advertisement. They will passively get benefit of the price raising of theme coins.

They are also the means by which we as a society trade “social influence” as an asset.  If people understand this, then the value of a topic/group’s coin should be related to the status of that topic/group in society.  Thus, people who believe in the potential of the subject/panel can buy their coins and be financially successful when that person realizes their potential.  And traders can make money by buying and selling up and down.  

For Advertisers:

If you buy any group theme coins you can publish your product placement through different influencers. Then you can choose to hold, hedge or sell the coins in order to maximum your wealth.

Problems with social media:  

There is relatively little innovation about how creators profit.  Most creators make far less than they deserve on existing platforms, if they make any money at all.  

A few companies effectively control the public discourse.  Their decisions about what we see and don’t see depend largely on what maximizes advertising revenue rather than what is more in the public interest.  

The dominant companies have cut off third-party developers.  Incumbents have shut down external access to their data, and any new products developed by upstarts are quickly cloned and anchored to the existing enterprise’s data moat.  We believe this is a serious stifling of product innovation and competition in social media.  



Group Coin’s inspiration rests on a key insight: if you can properly combine currency speculation with social media, you will not only get a novel product that creates innovative ways for creators to monetize, but you will also get a whole new business model for solving these problems.  

Buy HEBX currency  

HEBX can only be brought by BTC/ETH coins.  No cash is allowed.  

HEBX’s supply is capped at about 100 billion tokens.  

This number is set because the future of HEBX is up to everyone, and no one has the opportunity to manipulate the market.  


Trading process  

At https://pancakeswap.finance/info/token/0xe8029ea1d8b0cc3f9b078926064be11158f76362 to buy flat t, is used to exchange  

Topics/coins exchange topics/coins you are interested in here https://hivebux.com/swap-coin/ use the platform.  

Into a specific pool to generate passive recurring revenue.  https://hivebux.com/pools/  

We will send rewards to your platform account, and you can withdraw the proceeds at any time!  

You don’t even have to actively profit on HIVEBUX.  If you discover an emerging topic or group and invest in these tokens, you’ll find that this early investment in someone’s potential may pay off months later.  

Their fan base and coin value will grow.  

Authors can also get paid by crowdfunding their writing ideas, and investors who contribute ideas also own a piece of the final work and receive a larger share of the revenue from that work  

Everyone is free and eternal, and we will work and live for ourselves.  We will no longer be subject to any central authority.  We want to build a truly new “free” world!